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Interior Design: Ideas to renovate the living room

The salon is often considered the heart of our home, as it is usually the area where the family gathers and spends their free time. For this reason it is essential to keep it in good condition and create a quiet and cozy space in it, where you can rest and enjoy with our own. Sometimes renovating the room in terms of decoration and distribution is essential to achieve this goal. We give you some ideas.

Ideas to renovate the room

One of the most economical and effective tricks to modify the appearance of our living room is to change the color of the walls . At present, light tones are the predominant trend , since they help to optically enlarge the space and bring luminosity to the room. White is always a good choice, as well as gray, beige and pastel shades (blue, peach, rosewood, etc.). If we want a touch of color without risking too much, we can paint a single wall with a more vivid tone.

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The sofa is probably the most important piece of this room. If the model we have is too old, we can consider buying another more comfortable and functional; We found a huge variety in the market. Another cheaper option is to renovate the sofa with a new fabric cover and other accessories, such as cushions or blankets. With few elements we can achieve a very striking result .

If what we want is a comprehensive reform in depth , we will have to choose a new furniture. Nowadays one of the most common and aesthetic alternatives is that of multifunctional furniture ; For example, a table with storage space below its base will be very useful. Also, the nest tables are perfect as a complement.

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As for the main furniture , where we usually place the TV, it is advisable to install a piece of furniture formed by ascending modules, to take advantage of the space offered by the wall. Functional as well as aesthetic, it allows us to store books, crockery, decorative items, etc. If you do not have enough meters to do this, we can always use shelves and shelves, simple and minimalist , very fashionable nowadays.

The supplements are essential in any renewal process. In this case, the curtains are ideal to personalize the decoration of the room, because the designs available today are endless. It is better to bet on light and light fabrics that let in natural light. If we want an elegant appearance, smooth curtains are our best option, but we can also choose a model with daring prints to give a touch of originality to the living room. It is also important to take care of the atmosphere that we breathe in the room so we can add an air purifier.

The lamp s are another essential accessory, as they not only provide brightness, but also help us define the decorative style of our living room. We find them classic, modern, minimalist, original, etc. In addition to the main lamp, a small one is recommended for the table or to place light bulbs in strategic places to achieve an efficient luminosity. Floor lamps can also be a good idea, as long as we have enough space; It would give a sophisticated and classic look to the living room.

Following with the accessories, the plants are one of the most recurrent decorative elements, since in addition to being aesthetic, they provide warmth and color. Flowers, for example, help us create a homey and cheerful atmosphere. We can play with their colors, the shapes of the vases, etc. Without ruling out the indoor plants with large green leaves, perfect for this stay.

A very useful resource is to hang mirrors on the walls, but without abusing them. We can hang one of large dimensions somewhere where natural light is reflected, in front of the window, to achieve greater luminosity and a great sense of spaciousness. An original and fun option is to create compositions with some small mirrors, of different shapes and sizes. The same can be done with the pictures and photographs that we like the most.

Finally, placing one or several rugs in different corners of the room will help us to personalize the decoration and play with colors and textures; we just have to find the material with which we feel more comfortable. We can apply this same philosophy to the cushions, achieving a fun look and giving free rein to our creativity.

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