Interior design tips and ideas for bathrooms

The bathroom is one of the main rooms of the home and its decoration should be in line with their duties. A very important not to forget when you are thinking about renovating the bathroom is neatness and order. If you renew your bathroom in an economic way, you can use a series of decorative tricks which can change the face without having to carry out building work.

Ideas for decoration of bathrooms:

The painting of the walls is one of the most radical changes you can make in any room and bathroom is not exception. As a small room, no major problems have to paint ourselves. Choose color patterns and wall arts that match the tiles and bathroom fixtures, but are very clear so you do not subtract light.

economic way ideas for decoration bathroom

Before painting the walls you must prepare. The clean up and let dry thoroughly. Then paint a colored clear. If you choose white, you can make a guard on the wall, which can be tile, vinyl contact, painted, etc..

If the bathroom tiles, paint the part that is above the tiles. If the tiles are damaged, you can apply a set of vinyl design mode, to hide, or you can paint them with any special paints for tiles.

Once you have painted walls, choose accessories that will match the tones of the guard who did. Among the many accessories you can choose, the key will be: curtain, mats, pot to brush teeth, trash can, towel, roll holder paper toilet, toilet seat, etc..

To decorate the bathroom you must use to create new storage space to increase comfort and functionality. A white wicker basket lined with a cloth in the colors of the guard wall, will serve well to keep the rolls of toilet paper. You can create a shelf stacking baskets equals, which will keep the various elements used in the bath towels, soaps, toiletries different, and so on.

eye-catching, latest trend and modern bathroom wall art

A houseplant is a great item to add color and joy into our bathroom. You choose a species that does not need much air or light, but that fits well to moisture. Perhaps this plant is a solution.

Use the space in putting up shelves around the room where you pitch glasses or colored glass bottles, filled with stones, glass, shells or bath salts. Also place candles scented large as decoration and to perfume the bathroom.

Towels can also officiate as decorative elements, choose them in the same colors of the guard or in colors to match it, in very bright colors, this would bring an added touch of joy.

The lighting also contribute to the bathroom renovation, choose halogen lamps, in addition to its beautiful appearance, it allow you to illuminate the area you want and generate bright sun.

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