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Interior stairs design and development

When you have a building over one level, you need a design element that allows to move from one level to another, so comfortable, safe and smooth. For that you created the stairs and her design must conform to the function and connecting spaces.

One element that you condition the design of stairs are the materials of construction, will also depend on factors such as location, building style, etc..

The ladder is composed of a number of characteristic features: the stairs, the ramp or inclined plane, rail, leisure and housing, and these elements vary from one ladder to another, depending on the construction needs.

Interior stairs design and development

Details of the interior stairs:

Steps: composed of two parts, the horizontal or footprint, is the part where the foot rests, and the vertical or riser, is what determines the height of tread.
Start: The first step is called “boot” of the ladder.
Landing: the end of the ladder is a horizontal surface is known as “landing”.
Plateau: when the ladder exceeds a certain amount of steps, it is necessary to place an intermediate surface to rest. That area is commonly known as “rest” and its name is “plateau”.

Development of staircases:

To not be weary steps, you must limit the number of steps for each section thirteen or fifteen, then this should be a plateau or break.

The treads are supported directly on the ramp or on the shank, which is a beam bulwark.

To build a staircase study the space available and determine the space that can assign to the box, also determine the dimensions of the steps.

The shape and dimensions of the enclosure of the staircase are very important because they must fit the space available and thus determine the type of ladder that you can locate in the building. The box shape is that corresponding to the type of staircase that you design.

Moreover, the ladder must meet certain conditions: having a width sufficient for its function, which allows the height easily save between levels. On a staircase of two flights, try to give the same number of steps to both sections to be more cosmetic steps. But there may be circumstances that requires to design it with unequal lengths.

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