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Bedroom Design: Key Ideas for saving space in small room

Would you like to save space in the bedroom and do not know where to start after the reform of your house? Today in our decoration blog we give you some keys that can help you in this regard.
The bedroom should be a space that inspires peace, tranquility and harmony, which invites relaxation and relaxation . Achieving a sufficient amplitude is essential for this, so it is convenient to know how to make the most of the space in this room. We can achieve this with a few small tips that will help us turn our room into a comfortable and functional place.

Keys to saving space in the bedroom

Tips to take advantage of space in the bedroom

For starters we can resort to the classic trick of making light colors prevail , both on the walls and in the furniture. The soft tones provide an important feeling of brightness and cleanliness, something highly recommended especially for small spaces. White, blue, beige and pearl gray are perfect for this, as are pastel shades . If we prefer dark furniture, we can opt for light tones for accessories, such as curtains or bedding.

When choosing furniture , we must take into account the size of the room so that they do not look disproportionate. In this sense, thin and tall pieces are recommended for small rooms , and designed to have a large storage room. Likewise, it will be very useful to create an efficient distribution , taking advantage of the corners and the free centimeters; draw a plan and study the options offered by the market will help us organize everything.

The bed is probably the main element of the bedroom. We must adapt it to the size of the room itself, choosing the one that can be easily accommodated with the rest of the furniture. While for a shared youth bedroom the bunk beds are a good option, for an individual or marriage the ideal is a bed with storage space . Many of them include drawers in its lower part or a canapé.

Another fundamental piece in our bedroom is the wardrobe . To save space, the most recommended are the wardrobes with sliding doors . Obviously, the proportions of it will depend on the space available in the room. If this is small, we will have to settle for a small closet and add storage space with other accessories (shelves, trunks, etc.). In addition, we can incorporate special accessories inside the wardrobe, designed to make the most of your interior space.

The multifunctional furniture

The multifunctional furniture can be our greatest allies in this regard. One of the pieces that more alternatives presents us is the night table. Instead of opting for a conventional model, we can incorporate a small wardrobe that serves us as a shoemaker. A very different choice is a table that we can hang on the wall, so that the space that is free under it visually extends the area.

We must avoid excess furniture above all. Therefore, if we have a few meters and we want to add a desk in our bedroom, the best thing will be that it fulfills a double function as a night table. We will only have to reserve a space for this piece of furniture near the bed.

Taking advantage of the walls is one of the most effective resources to save space. Floating shelves and shelves are perfect for this, as long as we do not incorporate too many and leave enough space between the different accessories that we hang around. They are perfect for placing books, discs, flowers, photographs, ornaments, and even place a small shelf near the bed and use it as a night table.

The accessories are essential in any room of the home, as they provide personality and help us define a decorative style. For example, a small trunk or a puff with storage are a good option to take advantage of the corners. On the other hand, if we want to install a television, it is best to have a flat screen, which we can hang on the wall so that it takes up as little space as possible.

Finally, the mirrors are essential to achieve greater luminosity and spaciousness. For a better result, we should place the mirror in front of the window, making the most of natural light.

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