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The latest styles in floral decoration

After having seen in countless magazines and fairs interior decoration, we have no doubt, natural style is fashionable. Ecology makes the leap to the decoration of the house and makes it in many different ways, either through pieces made from recycled materials, designs that mimic organic forms that are present in nature, botanical prints or plants and flowers cool atmosphere.

We are also a big fan of all these trends in Dreamyapartment and so we have in today’s article we want to do something different, want to discuss about the art of floral decoration. This time we forget for a moment and interior decoration to discover the latest innovations and trends for decorating with flowers. Because, ultimately out, plants and flowers also help us decorate with style. You sign up? Forget conventional pots and bet on something different There are plenty of accessories that can be used to decorate with flowers of a different and creative way

Self-watering system

What’s your excuse for not having plants at home? Do not have time to water them, you have bad hand with nature. The innovation comes to the world of gardening through self-watering pots system. Ideal for the inexperienced.

These pots come in many designs as practical as decorative. You will find them in specialty stores and gardening are very easy to use . Thanks to its water reservoir and a filtering system built into the container, our plant receives the required dose irrigation. You’ll also find plenty of models in different sizes, small and large plants.

DIY flowerpots

Another trend that prevails in floral decoration are the DIY pots . Forget conventional pots and bet on something different. Metal cubes retro style, baskets in natural fibers, a former pitcher, a wooden box, vintage lamps, a terrarium with geometric structure and gold color or a cooking vessel.

There are plenty of accessories that can be used to decorate with flowers of a different and creative way. So check out for home to look for accessories that you can recycle to give them a new use.

Botanical print

But if yours are not natural flowers, but do not want to give them up , our advice is to rely on the decorative power of botanical prints. These prints are present in paintings, furniture, wallpaper , carpets, cushions, bedding and accessories countless more we approach the irresistible charm of Mother Earth.

Vertical gardens

Vertical gardens have earned a deserved space in our decor. Another of the most chic of time for decorating with plants and flowers to fashion trends. Vertical gardens succeed both indoors and outdoors . A highly recommended for those who do not have much space at home, but do not want to give up the plants option.

We can buy our vertical garden in specialized stores or design it ourselves. It is much easier than you imagine: a few wooden pallets restored and attached to the wall become a makeshift and decorative vertical garden. Ideal for decorating a small outside.

Decorative letters with flowers

Finally, we recommend Dreamyapartment not lose sight of another trend that has each day more faithful followers letters decorated with flowers. Several seasons, the letters all have become a must-have decoration vertically. A style that natural tendencies also joined in search of art in floral decoration. And you, what other innovations and trends for decorating with flowers recommend?

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