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15 laundry tips that will simplify your life

For those of you who don’t have a lot of practice while doing laundry, we’ve put together a few laundry tips that will transform your life. From a solution to remove that simple grease stain to an unusual way to keep clothes colors out of the dryer. These laundry tricks will simplify your task.

Take a look at 15 smart and simple ways to facilitate this arduous weekly process. Stay tuned for each technique and laundry tips.

1 – Fat Stains

Do you know those stubborn grease spots that don’t want to get out of your clothes? Solve it in a simple way. Apply baby powder or chalk to a stain. With these two tricks, the grease stains will disappear and, in one detail, you won’t even have to rub to remove them.

laundry tips that will simplify your life

2 – Soaking Time

Never soak clothes for a long time, as environmental bacteria will begin to deteriorate the detergent and / or soap along with the dirt removed, causing stench on the pieces. So the right time to soak your clothes is between 30 minutes and 2 hours, no more.

3 – Bras And Stockings Washed

Put bras and stockings in protective bags and machine wash. This contributes to the protection of the pieces and helps them not to get lost during and after washing. Then let the bags dry well, otherwise they will be moldy.

4 – Separate the Clothes

Place white clothing away from colored pieces to prevent staining. Use baskets for each color of clothing: 1 basket for black clothing, one for white and light clothing, and a third basket for colored clothing.

5 – Use vinegar

Put half a cup of vinegar during the wash. In addition to preserving the colors of his clothing, he:

Softens without leaving an odor;
It is anti-odor: removes sweat odor from clothing;
Eliminates moldy odor ;
Eliminates sweat stains;
Remove other stains;
Eliminates soap residue that accumulates on clothing;
Clean the washing machine .

6 – Use Ice Cubes

Can you believe that? Did you know that placing ice cubes in the dryer prevents clothes from wrinkling? That’s it! While the pieces are in the dryer, put some ice cubes so that steam forms and the clothes do not wrinkle. On the contrary, your pieces will come out dry and soft in 10 minutes.

7 – Put Salt

This is another ingredient that preserves the colors of the clothes. Place a spoon of salt in the main area of ​​the machine, never in a separate compartment. Prevents pieces from fading and helps restore the color of old clothes.

8 – Coffee Or Black Tea

The power of coffee or black tea is used as natural colorants for black and brown clothing. These two drinks strengthen the ink and darken the tone of the piece. To make this possible, pour a pint of coffee or black tea into the rinse cycle just after the black clothes have gone through the wash cycle.

9 – Eliminate Static

Do you know why clothes are difficult to iron after being removed from the dryer? The answer is this: While parts are in the drying process, static electricity builds up. But this is easy to solve.

  • Make three balls of aluminum foil the size of tennis balls and place them inside the machine and dryer.
  • This will eliminate electricity and your clothes will be much easier to iron and no lint will accumulate.
  • Change the balls every two months. Also, don’t worry as the machine and dryer won’t be damaged.

10 – Clothing S and he shrugged his?

For shrinking parts, you can take them to almost 100% of their original size – and just. Dilute some conditioner in warm water, soak clothing in this solution and gently stretch, allowing it to dry on a hanger.

11 – Aroma Sachets

For scented clothes, put a few bags of essence in the drawers.

12 – New Jeans For Longer

To prevent your jeans from fading and keeping the original color, mix 1 cup of water with 1 cup of salt and put it in the machine along with the jeans.

13 – Wash Time

To wash your clothes faster, shorten the wash cycle and increase the temperature of the machine, so parts take less time to clean and save electricity and water. Attention: Do not put “sensitive” parts together in this cycle, as the heat of the water can damage your clothes.

14 – Look In The Pockets

Before you wash your clothes, always look in your pockets to see if you have anything. Sometimes it can have money, a credit card, checkbook, some invoice that if wet and beaten along with the pieces, can break and not recover. If the money is coins, it could damage the washing machine, as well as any other object that can “stop” the operation of the machine. So always be vigilant.

15 – New Clothes

Some bold new parts sometimes need a separate wash the first few times to prevent ink from spilling out and staining the other parts.

Tips To Save On Laundry

In addition to knowing some laundry tricks, another important tip is knowing what to do to save money on clothes. Check it out.

Never inadvertently leave the tap running. If you are mopping clothes, do it with the tap turned off and just open to rinse;
Leave heavily soiled parts before washing;
Expect to collect as many clothes as possible, taking advantage of the machine’s capacity;
Avoid wasting water by selecting the water level in the machine according to the amount of laundry;
Reuse wash water to wash sidewalks and plants;
Always try to use a clothesline instead of a dryer. On sunny days, you can enjoy the heat to dry your clothes;
Expect to gather a good quantity of clothes for ironing , since the iron consumes a lot of energy;
When buying a washing machine, choose one according to your needs and the amount of laundry you wash. Because larger machines consume more energy, more water, and more cleaning products.

Don’t despair anymore. Apply these Clothes Washing Tricks and make your daily life easier when doing laundry. Plus, enjoy saving water , energy and cleaning products using some of the natural solutions we present.

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