Learn how to clean gutters: stay safe and protected

The accumulation of dirt in the gutter can result in infiltrations in the residence and even become a focus of dengue fever, see how to perform the cleaning and avoid headaches.

Do you pay attention to the gutters of your residence ?! The question may seem strange, after all, everyone looks at the decoration, the furniture, the type of floor, but doesn’t care much for the “hidden” parts of the property. However, when compromised, gutters can damage the structure of an entire home. Next you can see how to clean the gutters correctly and avoid major problems, such as infiltrations.

perform the cleaning and maintenance of gutters and pipes

The correct thing is to perform the cleaning every 3 months, but it is important to be aware, because standing water ends up becoming a major focus of dengue, check if the water flow is normal, so as not to let the accumulation turn into a headache.

The first step is to remove all residues that have accumulated, either with your hands or with shovels and brushes, remember to use protective gloves, be careful not to clog the pipes. After removing all the heavier dirt, use a hose or a bucket of water and throw it through the gutter to eliminate what is left, to finish off the dust and other small residues that are left.

For single-storey houses cleaning is more practical and safe, for properties such as townhouses and buildings, greater care must be taken, due to the height of the gutters, electrical wiring, so it is recommended that companies specialized in gutter cleaning do the work. the service.

In old houses, where cleaning has not been done for a long time, the situation of the gutters and pipes must be precarious, so do not risk doing the cleaning, hire a specialized company.

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