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Library design, decorating trends, photos

Designers such as David Kleinberg, Markham Roberts, Miles Redd, Todd Klein, Andrew Halliday and David Gree Amanda Kyser and more and proposals in libraries.

Libraries, decoration trends

In photo 1, the designer Jeffrey Bilhuber achieves greater depth of pistachio green painting the back wall of the room.

It is an old eighteenth century. The library door frames and is made ​​from light-colored molding shaped capitals striped tops the library. Bordeaux fixtures contrasts with the black chairs and cushions in turquoise.

Libraries, decoration trends

Photo 2 – The designer has Markham Roberts. The library which is chaired by a picture of Julia Condon, in a manner similar to the mandala. The room is lined in wood, in this way is an integrated whole.

Libraries, decoration trends

Photo 3-A low library of Gene Meyer and Frank de Biasi . Stresses the pink walls. Lamps cast with seahorses and shells.

Libraries, decoration trends

Library elegant with a touch of retro. Designed and built by David Kaihoi in high gloss black. Furniture to the ceiling will seem to enlarge the room. Stresses chandelier spider with glass beads and black screens.

Amanda Kyser designer has created a library in a difficult area but it has taken advantage. The walls of painted dark brown. The library shelves are made of wood and has decorative figures on them

Libraries, decoration trends

In figure 8 library designed by Albert Hadley in New York. A library covered in wood color.

Libraries, decoration trends

Libraries retro glass, to keep it protected from dust rolled. In the bottom drawer. The work table in white on a sisal rug.

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