Livings on the terrace: the best designs, the best tips
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Lounges on the terrace: a tendency for all seasons

One of the trends in more tax in the past year has been creating functional spaces in outside. No longer think of the gardens and terraces just for organizing summer barbecues or playing with children during the afternoons of spring: the inner life moves outdoors designing living rooms complete outdoors. Blankets and stoves let you enjoy long hours on the terrace under the suns of autumn and winter. Be amazed by this selection of living areas on the terrace, and take note of all the tips to create your own outdoor room.

Livings on the terrace: the best designs, the best tips

Livings on the terrace: the best designs, the best tips: Colors that explode

Not require too many ornaments to decorate an outdoor living personality. This simple wood-lined terrace offers a warm setting to play with bold and modern designs. The gum pink cushions contrasts perfectly with the furniture and minimalist dark, captivating the attention but keeping the profile sober decoration.

Choose a Color striking an unexpected character to give a contemporary terrace.

The natural

The warm details make you feel like living inside a neat cottage, just in receipt of thousands of plants and the sky as a roof. The materials chosen for the furniture and accessories, raffia, wicker, wood, flax-organically integrate the natural environment, smoothing the interesting contrast between the minimalist and traditional ornaments. As a contribution of freshness, salmon and white are combined in some strategic strokes.

The natural materials in colors neutrals easily adapted to outdoor spaces, even in the rooms interior aspect.
Livings on the terrace: the best designs, the best tips

Imagining the sea

The desert of the beach is brought to a terrace of town on a living-room marine radiant freshness. Comfortable white seats serve as the foundation for accessories in sea green and turquoise, combined in different prints and textiles. Japanese lanterns vibrant plants and final stone in this oasis of serenity.

Even if you live in the city, you can acclimate your living area on the terrace at the best beach style, using white-trimmed relaxed and combining ocean color.
Choose a Color striking an unexpected character to give a contemporary terrace

True to the classic

This living in light green and sand shows that the outdoor spaces need not be less formal than the interiors. The classic furniture of a living room manor are adapted to the terrace with outdoor plants compose and the fabulous umbrella. The relaxed tone is given by the hanging fun lanterns.
Keep your classic styles on the terrace softening a sophisticated living with youth and unexpected accessories.

Heat and Color

Nothing like a warm fire to convene meetings in a large overstuffed chair. Even better if the logs burning in an environment full of trees and flowers. That is the idea of this modern and casual living with the sculptured fireplace and an entertainment starring palette that includes white and blue with accents in yellow, green and terracotta.

Make your living room terrace is protected against any winter by a stove outside with a design decoration.

Heat and color II

To relax as a luxury resort just have to walk a few steps from your door. This living room with fireplace combines a rustic, simplistic, contemporary takes on a tone ultra-chic by the intense orange pillows. Lounge chairs and beach style sandy soil further invite you to relax by the fire.

Create a sophisticated spot for relaxing outdoors when the sun sets, putting a few colorful chairs around a fireplace.

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