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Luxury Dining Table, how to choose?

A dining table should be selected according to their needs, space and general style of decoration. Do not forget that a dining table reflects the temperament of the hostess.

Luxury Dining Table how to choose

Several questions arise when trying to choose a dining table. Many are you at home or are you just a couple? Do you receive often or rarely? What about space in the living room or dining room set for its location: rather large or small? All these questions will not only define the size and shape of your future dining table, but also its type: simple flap or extension cords.

For a couple, a small square table would be ideal. If labor relations come from time to time to eat at home, the square would be appropriate. Otherwise, if several people have to take place at the table, it must be greater. A large oval table suitable for a large family, while the tables with flaps or suitable extensions to the couple often inviting friends and close family to eat, especially if there is a lack of space.


And side decoration?

When choosing a table to eat, it is not enough to look at only the functional side. The decorative appearance also counts. To choose your model, follow your intuition, taking into account the decor of the room. In terms of material, a wooden table fits in a traditional or rustic, especially if the furniture in the room are wooden. Be sure to choose the same type of wood to harmonize the whole.

Looking for a more modern decor and design? A glass dining table is an excellent choice. You can also choose a table with metal frames. Pay particular attention to the choice of color. Indeed, the color of the dining table is well associated with the predominant tone of the piece, not to create a false note in the background. Finally, remember to consider the space for table and chairs, and the price you intend to put.

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