Luxury villa in Florida by USD 6 million

A superb luxury villa located in Sarasota, Fla., where it was built in 2008 commissioned by a wealthy businessman.

Luxury villa in Florida by USD 6 million

This villa is entirely in contemporary style, and it was designed by the prestigious architect Mark Sultan, who has already received several awards for the best designs.

The luxury villa in question is regarded as a masterpiece of modern art, as you might guess from the photo above, the house, thanks to large windows, has a beautiful natural light, giving the rooms a touch of class.

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The furnishings are all of great quality, custom-designed and beautifully detailed.

Among the finest comforts, there is a gym and a cinema room complete with chairs and big screen, outside you can enjoy a large garden, an infinity pool and a small private marina for mooring yachts.

The luxury villa in question is currently for sale on at a price of $ 6 million.

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