Learn how to clean gutters: stay safe and protected

The accumulation of dirt in the gutter can result in infiltrations in the residence and even become a focus of dengue fever, see how to perform the cleaning and avoid headaches.

Do you pay attention to the gutters of your residence ?! The question may seem strange, after all, everyone looks at the decoration, the furniture, the type of floor, but doesn’t care much for the “hidden” parts of the property. However, when compromised, gutters can damage the structure of an entire home. Next you can see how to clean the gutters correctly and avoid major problems, such as infiltrations.

perform the cleaning and maintenance of gutters and pipes

The correct thing is to perform the cleaning every 3 months, but it is important to be aware, because standing water ends up becoming a major focus of dengue, check if the water flow is normal, so as not to let the accumulation turn into a headache.

The first step is to remove all residues that have accumulated, either with your hands or with shovels and brushes, remember to use protective gloves, be careful not to clog the pipes. After removing all the heavier dirt, use a hose or a bucket of water and throw it through the gutter to eliminate what is left, to finish off the dust and other small residues that are left.

For single-storey houses cleaning is more practical and safe, for properties such as townhouses and buildings, greater care must be taken, due to the height of the gutters, electrical wiring, so it is recommended that companies specialized in gutter cleaning do the work. the service.

In old houses, where cleaning has not been done for a long time, the situation of the gutters and pipes must be precarious, so do not risk doing the cleaning, hire a specialized company.

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Easy Maintenance Tips For Renters

In a world where owning a home can mean mowing your own lawn, fixing leaking faucets on your own, and taking care of other unexpected costly repairs, being a renter may not seem so bad. You get to pay one fee each month and in return, your landlord has the burden of worrying about handling maintenance, the mortgage, and paying taxes. Even though your landlord takes care of the big things that come up, it doesn’t mean you can’t take care of the little things to keep your place in top condition. A few easy tips can take your apartment to the next level and quickly make you your landlord’s favorite tenant.

While you’ll want to leave lawn care, major repairs, and routine furnace maintenance to your landlord

Clean Your Appliances

When was the last time your microwave, stove, and dishwasher had a good cleaning? Does your fridge have food from the last presidential administration? It may be time to consider a good cleaning. These appliances likely see heavy everyday use, which can cause dirt, food, and other grime to build up over time. You can improve your appliances’ efficiency and extend its lifespan with a good, thorough cleaning. If you don’t want to subject your lungs or your home to harsh chemicals, simply mix together some warm water and white vinegar, which can work wonders on getting up stains and leaving your appliances looking new.

Give Your Bathroom a Good Scrub

Your landlord likely expects you to keep your place clean on your own. Not only does it keep everything looking and working properly, but it can also help keep your home free of bacteria and debris, which can attract pests and lead to infestation. If you can’t remember the last time you’ve given your bathroom a good scrub, grab a bucket, sponge, and some cleaner and hit the tiles. A few minutes of elbow grease can eliminate built up mold and mildew and keep your shower in good condition.

Make Your Floors Sparkle

Flooring can tell a story, especially if you aren’t the first person to live in the home. Carpet pads can trap odors and dander from previous tenants or pets, which can be bad for allergies, while neglected hardwood or tile can warp if liquids seep in between cracks. If you’re working with carpets, periodically give them a thorough vacuuming followed by a deep shampoo to remove dirt, grime, or old odors that may be trapped beneath the surface. If you have hardwood or tile, after you’ve vacuumed the surface, shine them up with some wax. The cleaner you keep your home, the more sanitary it will be and the less likely you’ll be to attract unwanted pests that could necessitate extermination.

Keep Cabinets Clean

Every few months, do a quick sweep of your cabinets to check for spilled or expired food. Toss anything that may be out of date and wipe down your shelving to remove crumbs or other dirt. While you’ll want to leave lawn care, major repairs, and routine furnace maintenance to your landlord, handling these regular maintenance tasks around your home can help them out by letting them focus on large, more complicated tasks.

Don’t Forget Spring Cleaning

In addition to these easy routine maintenance tasks, schedule a time at least once a year to go through and clean out any old junk that may have piled up since you’ve moved in. Old moving boxes and piles of junk make attractive potential homes to unwanted pests and other critters. If you have piles of boxes, old furniture or electronics, and other items you’ve been saving but haven’t used in ages, do yourself a favor and toss them out. You’ll feel better having less junk around the house, and your landlord won’t have to worry about your extra junk bringing in mice, bugs, and other pests.

It doesn’t take a lot of time or money to accomplish these easy tasks around your home. These easy maintenance tips can keep your home in beautiful condition, and your landlord happy.