• perform the cleaning and maintenance of gutters and pipes

    Learn how to clean gutters: stay safe and protected

    The accumulation of dirt in the gutter can result in infiltrations in the residence and even become a focus of dengue fever, see how to perform the cleaning and avoid headaches. Do you pay attention to the gutters of your residence ?! The question may seem strange, after all, everyone looks at the decoration, the furniture, the type of floor, but doesn’t care much for the “hidden” parts of the property. However, when compromised, gutters can damage the structure of an entire home. Next you can see how to clean the gutters correctly and avoid major problems, such as infiltrations. The correct thing is to perform the cleaning every 3…

  • While you’ll want to leave lawn care, major repairs, and routine furnace maintenance to your landlord
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    Easy Maintenance Tips For Renters

    In a world where owning a home can mean mowing your own lawn, fixing leaking faucets on your own, and taking care of other unexpected costly repairs, being a renter may not seem so bad. You get to pay one fee each month and in return, your landlord has the burden of worrying about handling maintenance, the mortgage, and paying taxes. Even though your landlord takes care of the big things that come up, it doesn’t mean you can’t take care of the little things to keep your place in top condition. A few easy tips can take your apartment to the next level and quickly make you your landlord’s…

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