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Maritime Decor Trends with nautical theme: The sea at home

Nostalgia of the sea when you are home? It is not a perfect substitute, but a little idea can help decorate your home in a nautical theme. A simple type of decoration that changes the look of your home and can give you the feeling of being at sea. Here we give you some clues to help you get it.

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The maritime decor is based on clear and cheerful colors bring light to the rooms. White walls, light wood floors resembling the beach sand. Furniture clear, also of wood, or painted dark blue. Very important are the tissues, prevailing patterns in blue and white stripes, with small touches of red.

Place cotton sailcloth cushions, prints of ships, anchors, coral or shells, piled on couches, to give a cozy feel to the room.

In the kitchen you can use fish motif dinnerware or starfish, with matching tablecloths and a navy blue glassware. In the bathroom lines the walls white wood slats placed a round mirror as a porthole. And if you want something original, becomes the hot boys rowing in a little boat.

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Use decorations like shells, fish, starfish or ship models. Subject sailors knotted curtains or even a strip of pins. If you have room, hang a hammock in a corner. Your house will look cheerful and a little closer to the beach.

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