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Minimalist Centerpiece for Valentine’s Day Celebration

One of the things I enjoy with my partner on Valentine’s Day is to prepare a romantic dinner to candlelight, it not only gives me the opportunity to share an intimate conversation and a good time, but it is the perfect excuse to change a little decoration in my apartment. On these occasions, the decoration of the table becomes the epicenter decorative. No I am very attached to the aesthetic traditions of the season, so decorate this date unused red and pink becomes a challenge. If this is also your case, then this minimalist centerpiece for Valentine may be the answer to your prayers. You can match the colors of your choice and is made of recycled materials.

To make this minimalist Valentine centerpiece you need these materials: dried tree branches without leaves (you can use some you have collected in the garden), a tall vase of the material and color of your choice, paint, newsprint or pages old books (you can also use colored paper), fabric scraps, scissors and glue.

decoration of the table becomes the epicenter decorative

Start painting the branches of color you want. The white or silver are beautiful and match with almost anything. Let them dry and meanwhile, sees cutting hearts on canvas and paper. You can glue the paper hearts on the fabric, so that they have more volume and weight. The combination of colors and materials is at your choice! In fact, if you use flowers or tissue paper pompoms, you can.

Once they are cut, introduces the branches in the vase (adds a little weight to the bottom, to have stability) and hanging hearts using nylon thread or bits of wire. Ready! Have a nice centerpiece for your Valentine’s romantic dinner. It occurs to me that you can hang a little present in the branches to make it more romantic.

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