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Modern Home styles with retro décor

In this new column Dreamy Apartment bring a gallery of images that reflect the retro style but applied to today in a modern and functional. We can say that it is a retro fashion, a retro taken to design and implement, as a concept, a style that combines contemporary decor trends and creates a modern yet as bright and colorful touches of retro and vintage.
Modern retro décor
In the gallery of images that follows can be seen retro decorations applied to different rooms in a modern home. Bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, libraries and various corners of the house to which it may notice the colorful and unique touch of retro but mixtures with a current trend.
Modern retro décor
Examples of modern retro décor

Several images can be seen that the style is given by wallpaper designs retro and vintage that actually are made today. Furniture are also not the same age as those that characterized the retro but if they imitate well.
In areas like these is where you can see this modernity with which it manipulates the retro and bring it to this day. It can be said in some ways it is a pseudo-retro but that depends on the importance you give to the incorporation of objects for years and if we think they are the objects that generate a real connection with the spirit that haunts this style.
What do you think? Is retro is the spirit and the concept that convey its objects or is it by certain characteristics regardless of the time factor? Share your thoughts with us, and looking to share what we have in our space Dreamy Apartment.

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