Modern wallpapers for your walls

The wallpapers are still on the agenda with regard to the decoration of the walls of our home. Lots of designs to suit all tastes whether with classic, modern, ethnic, sailors, modern.  As we go to and many designs to decline by a modern role as the Chelsea No. 100, the material is non-woven.

Modern wallpapers for your walls

It is very washable making it easy maintenance, and on the same page you say you have to do to find the scrolls you need to paper the wall. You can detach from the wall dry without leaving any residue and can replace other wallpaper.

This paper is the color that is fuchsia and pink, which makes it stand out enough in the room that you want to place bringing light, you have to be careful that you’re going to put furniture it would decline by a line a little classical wood colors.

Modern wallpapers for your walls

This dark design motifs, elegant and modern, you can place in various parts of the house, but being a dark color you should keep in mind that placement must be to idea is to match colors more clear and silver tones.

Modern wallpapers for your walls

Decorative ornaments in bright colors as they did with pistachio green pad, creating a point to highlight, so that the color is not dark as the space of the room. Put this in the headboard of the bed or in a modern living room but small pieces of wall colors combined with light gray and white.

You can find so much as the previous model in several colors or other colors that are combined very well, if you just want to use wallpaper for the walls, without having to use paint.


If you are looking for a more vivid color to decorate the nursery or a teenager, this design in purple with reasons you will be perfect. This design would use for a girl in the purple color and floral motifs, as you can see the photo combined with a current furniture is a very cool room.

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