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Modernized the old wallpaper- you can save your cost

The wallpaper covers the walls long ago, and no signs of deserting the world of decoration. Lately, it is modernized and tries to follow the trend against the runaway success of stickers.

Modernized the old wallpaper- you can save your cost

The wallpapers have been experiencing in recent years a revolution, through patterns, colors and materials that follow the growing trend. For example it is now possible to find reasons large format, very popular. In addition, the colors are also more vivid, we find in all grades and some even allow creators to use the fuchsia. We are far from time or that element only served to cover the walls, wallpaper now fully contribute to the decoration.

There are now two major solutions, paper and ready to ask the paper to paint. The paper is quite ready to ask for the new construction. These wallpapers motives and various reliefs. It is one of the solutions ready to ask the traditional models, those vinyl, velvet flocked, those with overlays and metallic wallpaper. As for models to paint, as the name suggests, it is possible to paint them once installed. They are particularly used to cover old walls. They are less expensive than ready to install solutions.
If the wallpapers were long forgotten some, it was mainly because of problems with installation. Indeed, it is seldom obvious as was first necessary to make a glue. On the other hand the wallpaper had to deal with the arrival of the stickers , much faster to fix. In recent years scholars have decided to innovate for the wallpaper, thanks to the non-woven, allowing installation without gluing. It is not enough while applying a special glue on the wall and then to install the wallpaper .
Moreover, it is also experiencing significant changes in quality. Indeed, thanks to modern technology such as scanning and use of tools, we find that the offer for reasons largely improved. These new techniques allow you to perform more complex models and appropriate to the contemporary design trend. In addition, the number of designers who are interested in this material is increasingly important, generating a wide range. So do not hesitate to cover your walls of wallpaper new generation.

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