Christmas Decoration

New ideas for decorating Christmas 2012

The decoration of the entrance is also important, and not just talking about the front that could have a Santa Claus or a Christmas big doll climbing into another apartment, but also the gateway. And not enough simply to decorate a Christmas wreath, but there are other elements that can be put, but do not forget the crown. Mistletoe is also a good idea, particularly for its tradition.

The lighting can be placed in the crown or wall, or covering the entire wall making the trip as best stay

In addition, you can place custom items, Christmas or even giving luck for the new year, like a horseshoe.
The lighting can be placed in the crown or wall, or covering the entire wall making the trip as best stay, with special and attractive lighting or low power.

Some people decorate the entrance with a small (or large, depending on the area) Christmas tree decorated. Or a pot with branches, flowers, some interesting plant or bamboo. But besides all this input can be customized as you wish, as more like, so that not only is a typical entry but also personal and engaging.

Some ideas for decorating Christmas according to feng shui

It is very important to know how to decorate for Halloween also according to the principles of Feng Shui to create a cozy Christmas atmosphere. It is to create an environment with positive energy. Christmas colors according to Feng shui are red and gold, also recommended the purple, bright green, blue (peace), orange (warmth and family togetherness).

The gateway must be well lit, it is recommended that a Christmas wreath with natural pine branches and details like gold and red ties. Not be lacking the warmth, so the fireplace will be prepared, and it should think about the candles (do not miss on these dates).

Christmas pine according to Feng shui is the wishing tree, symbolizes longevity and inner strength. The tree will be decorated with the elements of Feng Shui, as land, water, metal and fire. The ornaments are recommended green and red in the south, in the north blue, silver or gold on white tree in areas west or northeast.

The table should have a centerpiece with 6 blocks, candles, white cloth with gold and bells. And of course, the whole house has to be clean and tidy and all the elements following the principles of Feng Shui.

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