New trends for fall decorating
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New trends for fall decorating

Summer has ended, and the cold, although a bit delayed its arrival, is here now. This shows that the fall has arrived, and he probably has fueled the desire for change in your home.
New trends for fall decorating
If you want to decorate certain parts of your home, in this article we will present the new trends in the autumn season, so that you can get latest ideas to decorate your home.
First of all colors, probably the most important and consider before you begin decorating a space. Autumn always asks darker colors, the black and white combination never fails and this year introduces the gray, which will provide a classic and elegant.
In addition, this year takes the colored block, it is simply to create contrast with electric colors and certain parts of our furniture. Also with this option you will not have to set the color scheme because it basically creates a strong contrast with the surroundings.
The pictures have always been there, and we all have photos that we love, whether of landscapes, people and friends. A great idea to give a personal touch to the decor is to mount collages with your favorite photos, which you can use with or without frame, according to the taste you have.
Oddly enough, the bike decorating. This year it begins to be common to have the bikes hanging on the walls or placed in certain corners of the home, a fact also be a great solution to the lack of space giving an original aesthetic housing.
Finally for today, talk about the leather furniture which is a trend that is repeated year after year. The leather furniture always creates a situation of elegance in the room, besides being true timeless classics.

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