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Oriental decor with wood and fabrics

The Oriental decor is one of the easiest to carry out, it is made ​​with few elements and materials such as wood and fabrics. In this type of environment peace and eclecticism is breathed that both need to detach yourselves from stress and daily routine, to feel that you have come to the temple in which you are more secure: the home.Oriental decor with wood and fabrics


In this environment redecorated to resemble modern oriental style, you can see soft colors like white and cream together with dark wood furniture and decorative detail on the wall that functions as a chandelier to shelter in a spiritual environment in the room to fall the sun.


Oriental decor with wood and fabrics

For the dining room we show this idea in the oriental style is present with cushions to sit on the floor, a wooden table with a lovely set of china, mat produced in small wooden slats and a sliding door to divide the environment the best Japanese style.

Oriental decor with wood and fabrics



This room with rice paper lamps of geometric shapes, Japanese futon, oriental-inspired painting on the bed, cream-colored carpet sliding door is the ideal environment to reach a peaceful moment before sleep, as you can see, the simplicity and the absence of electronic devices is one of the main foundations of this style.

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