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Out door garden and gardening in small spaces

If you want to have your own garden at home, but does not have the space or live in an apartment, or simply wish otherwise decorating your garden more attractive, it would then have to take into account some of these great ideas for small gardens indoor and outdoor.

great ideas for small gardens indoor and outdoor

As you can see in the picture, the ideas are very attractive and innovative, emphasizing the versatility to be found to implement them. Whether in the air, in water or soil, these plants are a perfect idea to give life and freshness to the environment.

great ideas for small gardens indoor and outdoor

In the designs that we appreciate, made by Shane Powers, focuses on the nature of the plant, to decide the best place for them, and the best temperature environment, so they can develop the best way.

great ideas for small gardens indoor and outdoor

That’s why you can find models of blown glass balls with small entrances, where plants are placed, then hung from the ceiling, a tree or wherever. The idea of aquatic plants at home is fascinating to think, it should be noted that the water used must be changed every so often, because the plants take up nutrients and oxygen from it.

great ideas for small gardens indoor and outdoor

Finally, the last two models are to earth, ordinary and stand out, one by its structure in the form of terraces, and the other for being a kind of controlled atmosphere, where the plants are dried to form a “dry garden”, widely used in recent times.

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