Painting the house: Tips on using the paint roller

The entrance of winter is a good time to try and make a change to home, which is likely to make you think of painting certain parts of the house. Painting is a relatively easy task in which, besides, you can entertain the little ones in it.

May be, you are now thinking about how to paint exterior house, how to paint home and what is needed to paint a wall etc.

So, if you are thinking of painting some rooms in your home, you must consider some tips when using either the roller, since it will provide you with a more or less finished.

Painting the house Tips on using the paint roller

First you must know that wool rollers are best for painting with water-based paints, which are the most common when painting indoors. It is also important to delineate the edges of the walls before you start passing the roller.

Making a correct delineation, you avoid problems when you have to paint small areas with a roller, since it is much less accurate than the brush and paint areas might not want.

So well, the best way to use the roller is forming and starting boxes diagonally to your right, then passing it down to then follow a straight line to the left. To finish your square you must climb straight up and end up smoothing the area down.

It is very important to move the roller in a slow and steady, because otherwise you will get splash spots remaining, which will be very difficult to remove once the wall is dry.

Finally you should make special mention of the hands of paint, since it is always advisable to spend two hands to get a good result, taking into account the need to wait until the first coat is dry to give it a second.

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