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Painting walls: What color to choose?

Indecision can be a big problem when choosing what color to use to highlight the bedroom, or to revive the living.

What to do? You can get ideas from these images. You will see that each of the proposals is a very special touch and a great combination of colors.


Decide which your preferred choice is!

 Red walls

Painting walls What color to choose

There are many bold who dare to use a blood red on the walls. No doubt this corner perfectly attractive and novel shows how a little color, some accessories and some interesting details, it is possible to achieve an attractive interior.

The colors have a slightly maritime style. The curtains are interesting design, like the cushion placed on an attractive chair that was added to a table very modern and the radiator is also camouflaged by painting it red.

Painting walls What color to choose

What do you think of this proposal?

Fuchsia walls

easy to find in the color palettes
We went from red to fuchsia, a color very attractive, feminine, and certainly very presence. It is very easy to find in the color palettes, but you can get if you search.

You can combine it with a little turquoise to highlight even more, perhaps put some pictures on the floor, and supplement with puffs and armchairs with the same colors of the walls.

easy to find in the color palettes

Walls salmon

It applied to the walls of my house. The idea is to combine a few pastel colors, with white and raw and highlighted by a matte black for a very charming effect. The walls of this image without doubt are a perfect example!


Do not you like?

Blue walls


For those seeking a somewhat more conservative or perhaps only those who seek a more muted tones and soft blue is the perfect color.

What do you think? Supplements may be highlighted in white. The books are definitely one of the decorative resources more successful. Occasional red accessory bet you would also be really great.

Combined walls

easy to find in the color palettes

You can also combine colors! Why not? This idea will not take you too long, plus you can give to your room or living room a truly bright and flashy. There is no better resource than this if you are looking for a more alive!

A contrasting furniture painting is one of the best resources to generate a major shock to the eye. You can also vary in designs and textures.

Feel like?

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