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Peephole in the door with a periscope, a security for households with children

Here is a very interesting idea for a solution to something that almost needs no repair. Children can not see through the peephole in the door because it is designed for the height of an adult, so install a peephole in the door with periscope is a great security for households with children.

Peephole in the door with a periscope, a security for households with children

Normally, we do not allow children to open the door alone, but added security is not anything wrong in these cases. How many times have opened the door because they thought it was mom, dad or grandparents?

The periscope is installed inside the door and lets see what’s on the other side of the puetra from a peephole installed height.

They also come in handy when you later begin to stay home alone, and another very useful application is for people with disabilities who are in wheelchairs.

The idea is very simple, it may seem absurd to not let them open the door and even put her key to prevent the split, but in a matter of child safety, more is better.

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