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Add a personal touch to your home decor with items at Vistaprint

Wall Calendar

Decorate your walls with large wall calendars from Vistaprint. Pick your favorite images to relive the moment every time you look at them. There is even space to write notes to not forget your tasks for the day. Creating your own wall calendar is easy as 1-2-3 just drag and drop your images from your files to the designated month. You have many options for designs and layouts. Make sure to save all changes in case you want to revisit at a later time. Preview and if satisfied place your order. You’ll need to wait a couple days for Vistaprint to have your order ready. Walk calendars are made using high quality materials. Be ready to be wowed with clear and vibrant images that others will compliment you on. This wall calendar looks great on your entryway for a personal and welcoming touch.

let's start by talking about white, the color that can help you to achieve a more luminous and broader stay

Canvas art

Create a personal artwork and opt for Canvas Prints from Vistaprint. It will give a 3D feel that goes in hand with your contemporary decor. Count on receiving high quality prints that keep their color over time. The canvas prints come with a built-in hanger on the back. Pick from lightweight, mounted or premium canvas. For best results make sure to use high quality images. Before you pick a size look at the image’s shape. And preview it to make sure there are no borders. Get creative and have fun creating your wall art and consider adding art or text. Also, make sure to move the image where you want it in the frame. A great place to place this artwork is in your living room next to your one person sofa and side table.

Photo Books

Create a Photo Boo from Vistaprint for your guests to grab from your living room coffee table and enjoy reading. Share your story in a beautiful photo book that displays your images in a collage or single image version. No matter the image quality Vistaprint will make them perfect. A decor piece sure to a conversation starter.


Sip on hot chocolate or chamomile in your Personalized Mug from Vistaprint. No matter the season you can add a special image to look back and smile. Play with the design and add color to mix and match your mug and display it proudly on your coffee table. You’ll love to look at the clear and vibrant images.


Stay cozy while holding to your memories on your Personalized Pillow from Vistaprint. This will look great on your 3-piece sofa set on your living room or chaise lounge in you bedroom. The colors in your personalized pillow will blend well with your contemporary decor.


Create your design or let Vistaprint do it for you. First pick the puzzle layout to get your design on. A great idea is to complete the puzzle and stand on a table or walls.

Make your home decor personal and get personalized items at Vistaprint.

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