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Picking up the Pieces: 10 Steps to Take After a Burglary

Going through a burglary can be scary. The first step should always be to contact the police and have them write a report about the incident. After that, take the following steps to deal with the burglary and protect the home in the future.

Change the Locks

If a burglar has gotten into the home by picking the lock, with a key, or by kicking in the door, it’s a good idea to change the locks. Action Lock Doc can help with selecting high-quality locks to help prevent this from happening again.

After Burglary don't repair any parts of the home before taking photos and videos of the parts

Take Photos of Damage

Before doing any cleaning, take photos of the house and what was damaged. Be sure to take close-up photos as well as pictures from multiple angles. Keep the photos stored in at least two places so they won’t be accidentally lost.

Make a List of Damages

While going through the house, make a list of everything that’s damaged. This will be handy for reference to do repairs as well as to seek reimbursement for the repairs from the insurance company. Make sure the list is as detailed as possible.

Pack Away Damaged Items

Any belongings that were damaged should be packed away for the moment. The insurance company may need to see the damaged items before they’ll cover their replacement. Once the insurance claim is completed, the damaged items can be tossed.

File an Insurance Claim

Call the insurance company and file a claim. They will likely need a list of what was damaged or stolen to determine the amount they will pay out. They can provide information on how making a claim works and the timeline for everything to be completed.

Repair Damages

Repair any parts of the home that may have been damaged during the break-in. If the thieves got into the home by kicking in the front door, check out ways to reinforce the entry doors to the house.

Talk to Neighbors

Talking to the neighbors is a good idea so they know there’s been a break-in nearby and can secure their homes to prevent it from happening to them. It may also be a way to find out if there is any surveillance footage of the suspects.

Notify the Bank

Even if it doesn’t appear any financial documents are gone, notify the bank and keep an eye on the three major credit reports. Identity theft can happen as a result of a burglary, and taking the proactive approach here can help reduce the chance for it to happen.

Get a Security System

If there isn’t a security system for the home, it’s time to look into getting one. Monitored security systems may offer the best protection, and there are different options to fit just about any budget.

Come Up With a Plan

Take a moment to think about how the burglary happened and what can be done to stop it from happening again. There are many ways to boost the security of a home, including options for those with a low budget.

Finding out the home has been broken into can be frightening, but there are some steps that can help you recover as well as prepare in case someone tries to break in again in the future. Use the tips here to deal with the aftermath of the burglary and to make sure you have the help needed to file a claim and secure the home.

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