Pop Style Bedroom

The Pop style emerged in the mid 50’s and has its peak in the 60 and 70, is currently emerging as a retro and youthful decorative option, followed by independent young and modern, but lovers of aesthetics. The style began in the visual arts, with many film posters, magazines, comics , cartoons, brands, or the world-famous characters.

Pop Style

This pictures are decorated with photos of famous artists, some modified with lots of color.

The Pop style returns in all expressions of art, clothing, furniture, interior design, and in the cinema, with films of that time.

Become papered walls, lilac or pink, sliding doors and large rooms. There are plenty of chairs and ergonomic chairs. The long-pile carpets and bedspreads with many bright colors and motifs of the 60.

The Pop style allows the combination of old elements as a current refrigerator, television, telephones, lamps, ashtrays, dishes, and many pillows.

It was the design, when the global society was in its infancy, so is decorated with items that anyone anywhere in the world understands it.

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