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Prevention of household pest in the easiest way

Learning how to get rid of household pests is essential to make your home more pleasant, protect food and avoid a series of diseases that can be caused by these agents. Check out our simple tips to free your home from this problem. Write down these simple ways to get rid of household pests and adopt these methods on a daily basis to make your home even more pleasant.

To eliminate flies and mosquitoes at home, a simple alternative is to distribute sachets with pieces of cinnamon chips

How to get rid of Cockroaches

The presence of cockroaches is one of the most annoying situations, since they can arise from nowhere and mainly harm the quality of food. To eliminate them, these are the best homemade suggestions.

Tip 1 – Bay Leaves

It is enough to separate some dried bay leaves through the cabinets to avoid the presence of cockroaches that can affect stored food. The sheets must be changed every month.

Tip 2 – Cinnamon, Cloves and Alcohol

This suggestion on How to Get Rid of Household Pests is perfect for removing cockroaches from closets, shelves, shelves and other household furniture. Just mix 4 pieces of cinnamon stick, 5 cloves and 1 liter of alcohol.

Leave that mixture resting for 3 days and pour into a spray bottle. This liquid should be sprayed on a cloth and spread over the corners of the house and furniture.

Tip 3 – Sugar With Baking Soda

Another way to know how to get rid of household pests and exterminate roaches is to mix 3 tablespoons of sugar and 2 tablespoons of baking soda. This mixture must be distributed in small containers that must be placed in cabinets, shelves and other places with the presence of cockroaches.

How to get rid of Ants

Who wants to know how to get rid of household pests can also eliminate ants that, although harmless, cause many problems especially in the kitchen.

Tip 1 – Nails

The nail is ideal for driving ants away from cabinets and sinks. Ideally, always leave a handful of nails in a container and place near sinks and cabinets. This will automatically drive the ants away.

Tip 2 – Lemon Peels

Placing a few pieces of lemon peel in the sugar bowl is enough to keep the ants away. This is even their favorite place.

Suggestion 3 – Unscented Talc

Putting a little unscented talc in the shots keeps away the ants that can appear in this place.

How to get rid of Flies and mosquitoes

Putting a little unscented talc in the shots keeps away the ants that can appear in this place.

The flies and mosquitoes usually bring many disadvantages mainly in houses in rural areas and on the coast. To avoid the presence of these insects, these are the best homemade alternatives.

Tip 1 – Clove Essence

One of the suggestions of How to get rid of the Household Pests most used by housewives is to place an open bottle of clove essence in the windows that have the greatest flow of flies. Wooden rods can be used to facilitate the dissemination of the aroma of the clove and to keep the flies away, as is the case with room fragrances.

Tip 2 – Raw Onion

It is enough to place a piece of raw peeled onion on the meat to keep the flies away and avoid contaminating the food. This measure is even more indicated on hot days.

Tip 3 – Cinnamon

To eliminate flies and mosquitoes at home, a simple alternative is to distribute sachets with pieces of cinnamon chips in places with the highest incidence of these insects (especially the kitchen). Cinnamon sachets should be changed every 2 months.

How to get rid of Moths

The moths can occur mainly in cabinets that store food and also in the cloakrooms. To end this problem and protect food and clothing, simply adopt one of the alternatives indicated below.

Tip 1 – Black Peppercorns

Spreading perforated bags with black peppercorns around the closets and wardrobe is one of the homemade suggestions on how to eliminate moths and other pests from your home. These bags must be replaced every 2 months.

Tip 2 – Carnation and Lemon Peels

In a bowl, make a mixture of cloves with lemon peels, distribute in perforated sachets and spread on cabinets , shelves and shelves. To avoid the presence of moths it is necessary to renew the content of these bags to the maximum every 2 months.

How to get rid of Termites

Suggestion 1 – Lavender Oil with Alcohol

The mixture of lavender oil with alcohol is perfect for eliminating termites that can harm various furniture and wooden floors. This liquid must be passed through the house weekly to avoid the presence of termites. An added bonus is that lavender helps keep the environment naturally scented, and alcohol works as a powerful sanitizer.

Suggestion 2 – Kerosene

The use of kerosene diluted in a little water is one of the oldest recipes to leave furniture and wooden floors free from the action of termites. It is indicated that this mixture be used once a week on all furniture and wooden floors. Kerosene also helps preserve wood and make it brighter.

Other Tips To Make Your Home More Pleasant

In addition to knowing how to get rid of household pests , learn other simple ways to make your home even more enjoyable:

  • Keep the rooms always well ventilated and lit. Light and clean air keep these pests away and allow the environment to become constantly renewed.
  • Remove trash daily. The accumulation of organic waste mainly attracts flies, mosquitoes, roaches and other pests. It is also recommended to disinfect landfills with alcohol or vinegar.
  • Store food in closed containers. This simple care avoids the presence of ants, cockroaches, moths and other pests that appear mainly in kitchen cabinets.
  • Disinfect cabinets, furniture, and floors. These places in the house should be disinfected frequently using the recipes mentioned, pure alcohol and other products that remove dirt. This disinfection is necessary to keep pests away and eliminate the risks of proliferation of viruses and bacteria.

Prevention: This is the best way to keep pests away from your home, especially in the summer. However, when the infestation is at a high level, it is recommended to look for a specialized company. After learning How to Get Rid of Household Pests, try these tips in practice and see the great results provided.

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