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How to secure your belongings in your store room

Robberies in store rooms are an increasingly common practice. Their access and location characteristics, make them vulnerable points and easy prey of criminals who can carry out their misdeeds, even without owners knowing what happened until several days later.

It is ironic that this place to which you destine as a store of belongings and valuables, do not give so much importance to its security. Typically, the storage rooms have a simple door with a few millimeters of thickness and a very basic lock, in most cases with an exposed cylinder that makes it even easier to remove them in a matter of seconds.

In this post we mentioned some important tips that will help you secure your store room in the presence of criminals.

we recommend placing a new lock with a greater security, accompanied by a good protective shield

First and foremost, we recommend placing a new lock with a greater security, accompanied by a good protective shield , an element that undoubtedly elevates the degree of security of your storage door.

Security Specialists advise the installation of greater resistance doors such as high security doors or armored doors to strengthen the protection of your store and therefore your belongings. A good door, in addition to a proper lock, is an obstacle that will undoubtedly make it more difficult for any offender who tries to access your property.

For those who have more economic resources, another option to strengthen the security of your storage room is the installation of an alarm system or video surveillance cameras. Both are high degree of proven deterrence tools.

In the case of alarms, the most modern and novel systems are connected to an alarm receiving station, which verifies the situation and proceeds to give the warning to the police. On the other hand, the security cameras will allow to have images of the robbery that could be used to identify the delinquents.

Avoid leaving valuables things in the store rooms. If you do not have another space for this purpose, secure your belongings with systems such as locks or chains.

It is important that the community of neighbors be involved in the fight against theft of storerooms and therefore preventive measures should be taken to avoid access to persons who are not members of the community.

If you detect the presence of unknown persons lurking in the vicinity of the storage area, contact the police immediately.

When leaving the storage area, make sure that the access door is completely closed. If the door has problems, consult a locksmith for the possible installation of door closer springs to reinforce safety.

Periodically, monitor the facilities of your store and verify that your belongings are still there and that they have not suffered any damages.

Remember that if you need more information on how to protect your store room, do not hesitate to contact professional locksmiths who can advise you on the best methods and systems to protect your goods as well as loved ones.

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