• Another advantage that a digital peephole has is the possibility of being able to look through it remotely
    Security System

    Advantages of the digital peephole

    New technologies allow us to have new appliances for the home, with which we can obtain a lot of advantages. One of these devices, is a digital peephole , let’s see what advantages it can offer to those who want to have one. Why install a digital peephole in your home? There are numerous advantages in installing a digital peephole at your home, some of them are discussed in this post. Improve security of your home For starters, the aspect that may be more important, security. With a digital peephole we will see home security reinforced. In addition to being much more discreet than a conventional peephole, with a digital…

  • If you do not have enough money to install an invisible lock on your door or do not want to have to carry a remote hand with you, a high security bolt can be interesting.
    Security System

    How to choose a high security lock?

    The locks with chain offer very high security. They are perfect to combine with a traditional anti-bumping lock, of which we will talk a little below. Within this range we can find different models to choose from. Depending on the chosen variety, you can enjoy one security or another. Within the world of bolts, I am going to recommend the 80 bolted locks if you have a traditional door. This model stands out as one of the safest and one of the easiest to install at the door. Of course, if you do not have the necessary tool, it is best to call a trusted locksmith, to make the appropriate…

  • we recommend placing a new lock with a greater security, accompanied by a good protective shield
    Security System

    How to secure your belongings in your store room

    Robberies in store rooms are an increasingly common practice. Their access and location characteristics, make them vulnerable points and easy prey of criminals who can carry out their misdeeds, even without owners knowing what happened until several days later. It is ironic that this place to which you destine as a store of belongings and valuables, do not give so much importance to its security. Typically, the storage rooms have a simple door with a few millimeters of thickness and a very basic lock, in most cases with an exposed cylinder that makes it even easier to remove them in a matter of seconds. In this post we mentioned some…

  • Choose the best handle and locking system for Making Your Door Burglar Proof
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    Making Your Door Burglar Proof

    When choosing an exterior door for your home, it’s important to consider the security measures it can offer, and the effectiveness it possesses when restoring heat in your home, as well as how it looks visually. Doors are the first impression that visitors will have of your home, but they are also your first defense against burglars and opportunists. We’ve devised a guide to help you when selecting a door that you can be certain will leave you and your family feeling more secure in your home. Choose the best handle and locking system Generally the main safety aspect of your door will be the lock that you install. Whichever…

  • The security alarms are one of the most popular items that can be found in a house
    Security System

    Home Automation and Home Security

    Security in the homes is something that concerns us all, because it makes our comfort in daily life, as well as the decor and ambience of the interiors. That is why this time we will review some of the proposals that brings the automation in its application to the safety of contemporary housing. The technology has an interesting application in the security systems of the houses, with different options, which are also different in terms of benefits and costs of implementation and maintenance. There is a market increasingly wide range of products that make improving the security of a home, among them are elements that make it possible to control…

  • It is clear that the security system is not only related to the sensors, security cameras and alarms
    Security System

    Tips for choosing Home Security System

    Choosing an alarm system for your home can be a simple task when you consider the particularity and housing needs. A good security system should protect you against a possible risk and to feel safe. There are several companies that offer these services for your complete peace of mind. The control panel of the security system is important. Having a good security system installed in your home, among other benefits, can help you get a discount on homeowners insurance with your insurer, ask the experts. The 12 keys to choose the security system Make a complete research on the different companies providing the service, you should be aware of certain…

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