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Seletti Hybrid Tableware: a crossroads between East and West

For centuries, European countries tried to copy, imitate and reproduce the beauty of delicate china. Due to this, went on to develop its own industry and to make local motifs. Today, when we have an invasion of Chinese products in our markets, many imitations of Western products, the design team CTRLZAK reflects on the importance of this historic crossing the Hybrid Tableware collection, it has made to the firm Seletti, where home the porcelain of East and West in one piece. This is the shocking result.

Seletti Hybrid Tableware, a crossroads between East and West

Hunting scenes, floral prints or rural landscapes of porcelain English, French or Dutch share space with rich oriental motifs. Each pair of Hybrid Tableware is made with great care, from original pieces and a deep study of the drawings, the reasons and techniques both Chinese and European.

Seletti Hybrid Tableware, a crossroads between East and West

The first impression looks like broken dishes or glued together, as the edges do not match and is colored a line dividing the two prints.

Seletti Hybrid Tableware, a crossroads between East and West

The dishes are made in china, as one would expect. Hybrid project is part Ceramix, the study CTRLZAK performed on a series of ceramic objects to interpret the story of the production of Chinese porcelain and European and centuries of aesthetic exchange between the West and the East.

Seletti Hybrid Tableware, a crossroads between East and West

In this photo you see the complete Hybrid collection, designed for three services: dinner plate, bowl, dessert, coffee cup and saucer, bowl, mugs and a bowl. In short, a unique collection, which touches more with the history of art, with the production of traditional dishes.

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