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Side furniture: tropical influences with natural materials

Extend the summer atmosphere into your home. Reinvent it a paradise, and even an atmosphere inspired decor huts tropical beaches, midway between the nomadic style and the exotic.

Side furniture tropical influences with natural materials

To create a beach hut décor, bet on materials flagship: painted wood or recycled, wicker, straw, rattan, resin or braided rope. Unlike traditional furniture, furniture designed in these materials evoke the environment very rustic and nature of the beach, while emphasizing their part craft (recycling, weaving ,…) or reworked. By installing a chair kubu woven a crude wooden coffee table, rug, rope, a door curtain beaded bamboo in the living room or on the terrace, you invite home atmosphere from elsewhere.


As for accessories: an explosive range of colors

To recreate the atmosphere unique to the coasts of tropical countries, you must have a taste for the mixture of colors and contrasts. Also integrate into the background a world of colors: emerald green, turquoise blue, pink flashy, flamboyant red, purple tonic, the sparkling orange, yellow sour. Make them appear in the cushions, chairs, curtains, vases, dishes and carpets. For an even more remarkable, consider mixing patterns. All these sets of colors and patterns will breathe a note of gaiety and pep in the air and your furniture will enhance the natural look. In short, the mood in the tropical!


Interior design: a nomadic style decor and traveler

Arrange a slice of paradise at home is somehow creating an atmosphere that evokes the feeling of freedom as popular for travelers. We must therefore think of concepts that will give your home an air cabin that has its feet in the sand. In short, the epitome of nomadic attitude. It only has to copy the style travelers installing around furniture foldable, easy to transport and store: a rattan coffee table, an ottoman with multicolored stripes, lawn chairs Relax … As for accessories and decorative objects, bet on cushions to bayadère printed, multicolored sail panels, rug Zara home.

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