• How to buy furniture
    Furniture Design,  Sofa Set

    How to buy furniture

    To move or remodel, the new furniture choice is one of the most exciting and fun tasks. It is extremely attractive route by choosing what dress shops your home and so you tend to put much effort and enthusiasm into the task. The truth is that many times the adrenaline and excitement generated by the change compels you to do things without thinking and in that context then space problems arise, combination and mobility in your home renovated. For this reason, to do things cautiously and in a successful way, now we bring you some ideas on what to consider when choosing furniture. These are simple concepts but also very…

  • Ideas for a cozy room
    Furnishing,  Home Design Idea,  Sofa Set

    Ideas for a cozy room

    In every house there is a meeting area for family, leisure and comfort. That room, known as living room, usually the most used but also the most decorated and equipped to add in warmth and relaxation. For those who want to have in the home a warm room and also for those who believe to have it but want to prepare it better, now Dreamy Apartment bring you some ideas for a cozy room that will make your living room the best place in the house by far. Cozy furnishings The bottom line is that a room with comfortable and inviting furniture to sit and enjoy your convenience. A place…

  • Funky Furniture design
    Design Trends and Styles,  Furniture Design,  Sofa Set

    Funky Furniture Design

    Design furniture is funky, funny, surprising. If you like creative decorating you are a little bit bored with traditional furniture, do not miss this furniture. DreamyApartment.com is always with you. Furniture seem straight out of a scene from Alice in Wonderland of Tim Burton, fun and different. In photo number 2 two armchairs in a strawberry and the other in white. Design chair “morning dew”. There is also a sofa with two pieces. The colors of pearl gray, coffee, soft turquoise, pink, beige, red. The photo number 3 seems several chairs in different colors, forming a bouquet of tulips. This flower has inspired its design, Kati Meyer Bruhl.   The…

  • Furniture Design,  Sofa Set

    The Sofa: The Central Element in the living

    To meet the ever increasing demands for comfort, style, innovation, functionality and ergonomics, the designers are always trying new and original furniture offer. The variety of shapes and designs to your living room on the cover of the magazine for the interior design set. The sofa is gradually losing its classic form, it no longer corresponds to the outdated standards for sizes and strives to meet the demands of being both comfortable and the best exterior design not to damage. Comfort at home and at work The sofa – seating position, a symbol of hospitality and a way to express themselves in a different form, fabric and color. The sofa…

  • Furniture Design,  Sofa Set

    The corner sofa, Furniture buying tips

    To spend pleasant moments with friends, to relax and lengthen or watching TV, corner sofa is suitable for all tastes. All you need to know to choose. Corner sofa: questions to ask when buying A classic sofa is certainly elegant, but a corner sofa is incomparable! Larger, more flexible, more stylish, it has several charm advantages. If before, it was reserved for big budgets, the creators have made it more affordable. More contemporary, more design and more accessible to all budgets, and it will give life to your living room. You must ask the right questions, both in terms of aesthetic comfort. A corner sofa is often known as “couch…

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