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Split Mesa: Swedish design in the dining room

The Split table is a novel contribution to Swedish design showcase new features this fall. Its author, Staffan Holm is characterized by frequent use of Scandinavian craftsmanship at work. And his name is derived simply from its handcrafted where the legs are divided into two arms lightly clean bearing cap. In the words of the designer: “I wanted the table to have a very organic expression that combines both structural strength with a delicate balance”.

Split table is a novel contribution to Swedish design

The design of this table is perfect for gathering multiple chairs around their legs and let you dock them games in no time the table legs are an obstacle. Visually, this is a pleasure, many legs gathered around a table much bother. It is a good choice as well as a dining table or multi table (you know, desk + study table + dining table in the same space). If you have a small space and you need to place a table that meets all of these features, go for a good design and not get bored of it at all.

Split table is a novel contribution to Swedish design

This table the markets the firm Muuto and have different finishes: oak, black or ash. It measures 90 cm wide by 73 cm high and its length can vary between 220 and 260 cm. If you want to see the outlets of this Swedish company click here.

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