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Stools for the kitchen

In the evolution of the kitchen toward multipurpose rooms where not only cook and eat, the stool has been gaining increasing importance, the central islands or bars which continue from countertop condition us to find a seat at the right height and chord with decoration. In some cases it is likely to become the main component of the kitchen according to your needs.

New design stools over many versions there also stackable

Choosing the right stool? In addition to its light weight, the most important thing is to note the seat height, which should be at least 15 cm. the lower base of the support zone. If you are going to use several times a day is not advisable to choose models upholstered in fabric or vinyl to prevent unnecessary stains, if received visits and the kitchen will become the meeting point, it is better to think of stools with backrest and halfway up footrest, facing long meetings.

In the market there are so many design of stools that offer a bonus to these requirements. The Tivoli is a model re-updated edition of that devised Verner Panton for a restaurant in Tivoli (Copenhagen) in 1955. Made of stainless steel, it can be used outdoors and cleaned with water, the seat is formed by polystyrene core cords of nylon, which gives it great resistance and ergonomics, because the material yields to sit for adapting the weight and the use of each person. The curve of the back also helps the lumbar support is comfortable for hours.

Stools for the kitchen Made of stainless steel

When you do not have too much space in the kitchen but you like to enjoy it with family or friends, the best alternative is to stack the seats when not in use; stools over many versions there also stackable and weigh little overall but the stool by Pedrali Happy both characteristics with an ingenious design, simple and a wide range of colors.

Furnishing of kitchens and bathrooms with alternative designs from the economic and costly standard

If you have young children, you can optimize the use of this model seats Seimi named Rinki, a baby chair that turns into a handy stool last time. Birch wood and very pleasant to the touch, the rim of the base gives greater stability and safety belt functions as and when it is not necessary to use the highchair, you just have to loosen the screws and place the outer ring to seat height.

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