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Sweets and treats for a delicious wedding decoration

Gluttony and candies are a perfect theme for a wedding to die for! Chocolate, skewers, candy, candy apples … will be de rigueur for a greedydecoration.

For the reception, the color of the decoration is enhanced by pastel colors represented by coloredballoons in order to recall childhood memories. You can also hang fake candy giants, party favors and streamers. The ballot box will be manufactured in the form of candy which you add packages of lollipops etc. You can also opt for a box cake that you customize. For the guestbook, you can draw chocolate bars or choose a book that will cover a cookbook. You can dare candy dispensers placed in the room.

Sweets and treats for a delicious wedding decoration
The tone of your theme will be primarily given by the announcements. They have the shape of a sweet with bright colors: pink, orange, green or pale purple. You can also choose a round shape with the back label to represent a box of sweets or cakes. You can opt for invitations shaped chocolate, fruits like apples to symbolize temptation or shaped lollipop. For most exclusive invitations, you can make the cardboard boxes of candy or choose a green bottle to serve as a backdrop.

The table plan will include marshmallow, licorice rolls that guests will enjoy. You can fill jars with candy that you will enter the name of candy, lollipops, which have also bear the names of the guests. The tables may also be called candy, candy or chocolate cakes. For table centerpieces, you can create a bunch of candy and lollipops with skewers of multicolored candies. For napkin rings, use rolls of Liquorice and candy necklaces. Remember to place large bowls full of candy , candles shaped cakes, macaroons, tarts …

For the cocktail, offer candy, buttons, lemonade or syrups, candy floss … You can create pits in which are made of cotton candy, pancakes, donuts, waffles or marshmallows. For the buffet, duck breast, cheese will be accompanied by sweets. Guests will be delighted with gifts in the form of collars, cigarettes, small books of recipes , from small boxes of sweets like caramels, caramels with salted butter … You can make pots, ice, popcorn, customize labels boxes of tea.

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