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Tableware: decorate the table to receive a pleasure

Entertaining is an art that can also be fun. These tips will help you prepare your table with taste, refinement and joy to pleasantly surprise your guests.

To create an intimate atmosphere, play simplicity with a personalized decoration. Play with colors by mixing bright pastel colors. For dishes, sobriety is a must: the colorful porcelain plates or drawings, simple or engraved glass. You have a choice between putting a table cloth or simply use a table runner if your table is made from a material of good quality such as wood or marble that you can expose.

decorate the table to receive a pleasure

Surprise your guests by taking as placemat pictures of them printed on thick paper. You can also put their name on each plate through boxes of different colors, cut into geometric shapes. Unleash your artistic talents and imagination. To brighten your table, prefer lanterns or candles you have placed in vases filled with pebbles.

Decorate the table for ceremonies

The height of elegance is a table dressed in white. You should choose a white cloth embroidered. This color blends perfectly with the gold and silver. This is the time to display your fine china dinnerware fine white gold or silver thread, your crystal glasses and silver cutlery. Spice up your table so enhance the coverage. Have six champagne flutes in the center of the table where you put water colored syrup just to get a golden color. Use these glasses as vases. Fill it with white roses and craft a crown of ivy to encircle the whole.

Do not forget the details that make the difference: the knife and place cards. Enter the name of each guest in gold or silver on a white rose petal, a leaf of ivy or a pill, to put on the plate. Add charm to the whole by drawing close to each plate in a floral mini vases filled with white sand or golden. To tie the towels, use a gold ribbon that you enclose a rose stem.

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