• This cleaning should be done by separate room one by one, starting for example by the kitchen

    Steps for Cleaning an Apartment

    Keeping the house neat and clean is an important part of being a person, just as this in many cases directly related to the maintenance of good health and mental condition. To begin it is important to distinguish between “preventive maintenance” and “corrective maintenance” of our place of residence. As preventive maintenance can understand all those cleaning tasks that can play in the development of activities in our daily lives and do not require additional time to the work, this work for the case of the kitchen can be the hub cleaning trash, cleaning doors and drawer handles used during food preparation, microwave oven cleaning, sweeping and mopping the floor…

  • How to clean the computer LCD Screen Cleaning
    Appliances,  Cleaning

    How to clean the computer: LCD Screen Cleaning

    Where you have your LCD screen, keep in mind that always require minimal care and cleaning, although a priori can seem a bit difficult, you have some very simple ways to achieve optimal care. Among the best solutions you have to clean an LCD screen, you choose the least expensive and the most comfortable to use, in turn getting good results. It is recommended for example, using a simple solution of alcohol, basically composed of one part of distilled water and one part alcohol to 50%.     If you do not have 50% alcohol, you can change the mixture by reducing the amount of alcohol to achieve optimal results.…

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