Have you ever thought about decorating the house with photomurals and completing the decoration with pictures

Photomural, an upward trend in decoration

Are not you convinced of the decoration of your living room, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom? Do you live for rental apartment and can not afford a major expense in decorating a work? Do you want to give a different air to your business, a shop or a restaurant? Then this...

How to curtains your rooms

How to curtains your rooms for better exposure

In the decoration the curtains are more important than most people think. Is that serve two purposes, one decorative and functional. Both are very important. The curtains complement the decor of a room and at the same time, protect you from the entrance of direct sunlight, because you know the...

Christmas Decorating design ideas and photos

Christmas Decorating design ideas and photos

When it comes to christmas decorating of your home environments during Christmas it usually give greater commitment to the room as it is usually the main room of every dwelling, and if such date is the site received the guests, where we expect the twelve o’clock and where are the...

Type of Curtains and their usage

Type of Curtains and their usage

The role of curtains in the decor has changed in recent times, besides the traditional functions: protect the incidence of sunlight, heat loss, the entry of cold currents, and to give privacy, continue to meet the advances in the design of glass and windows, decreased commitment and prioritized these decorative...

How to choose the types of curtains

How to choose the types of curtains?

The curtains have different functions, serving as a filter light to regulate their passage. Create privacy, preventing the display inside the house. To enhance the decor as they are very attractive ornament. A wide variety of shades, each more suitable for a function, therefore, before bowing to certain types of...

Childrens Curtains 1

Children’s Curtains and Bedroom Decor

The children’s room is the room of choice for small, probably because the place where they have everything they need for fun or because it is made ​​to taste until the last corner, for this reason the curtains  children are an element to take into account the children’s decor  and...

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