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Black and White Tiles

Create a Timeless Design with Black and White Colours

Whether it’s in art, fashion or interior design, black and white colours have forever been paired together in some way or another. These contrasting shades work in perfect harmony, providing overwhelming evidence that opposites do indeed attract. Black and white colours can be matched throughout many areas of the home...

the living room or dining room, places where you can appreciate this a lot more and be the busiest people in the house

Modern Glass Flooring Ideas

For many homes the glass is only found in the windows, tables, doors and some other decorative object. With the passage of time and new designs, glass flooring appeared characteristic for enhancement that gives the room where they are installed. The glass should be resistant to all that the floor...

How to clean floor tiles

How to clean floor tiles

If you’ve tried everything to remove stains, water and dirt from your tiles and nothing has worked it is time to find a solution! Today DreamyApartment will teach you some very effective home tricks to let you know how to clean tile very effectively. Forget cleaning products and expensive stain...