• One of the most important furniture of the room is the sofa
    Small Spaces

    Furniture to decorate small apartments

    Furnishing small apartments are extremely common task today. Because of the proliferation of cities, there are fewer meters to build. In addition, families are smaller than a few decades ago. In fact, today there are few parents who decide to spend the couple. Of course, also influenced by the crisis, and the lack of purchasing power. All this together causes the space floors shine, right now, by their absence. How could it be otherwise, the manufacturers of furniture are stepping up to meet the needs of all those who have to decorate small spaces and each time you see more proposals for space. Bedroom The bedroom is one of the…

  • How to sell floor without granting power of attorney
    Real Estate,  Rent Apartment

    Tips for renting the best apartments

    The crises has led many owners to place their second home in rent, as it is proliferating increasingly relegated leaving the sales floor. If you want to rent your apartment, you must take various boards into account, to be carried out as quickly as possible rent. Wherever you live, whether in a neighborhood, a neighborhood or town, tell your neighbors and spread through the shops in the area, through posters, your desire to rent the floor, to reach more people. A cartel advertiser in one of the windows that over look, with the phone number will help in that action. Use the newspaper, posters advertisers universities or internet, to disclose…

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