• climate class determines in which ambient temperature

    Climate class & ambient temperature – Hints and Tips for fridge & freezer

    Prior to the purchase of refrigerators and freezers you should take into account the climate class. Because the climate class determines in which ambient temperature, the cooling or freezing appliance is most effective. There are four climatic classes: Climate class SN (expanded or sub-normal) work best in an environment temperature between 10 and 32 ° C. Climate class N (normal) work best in temperatures between 16 and 32 ° C. Climate class ST (subtropics) work perfectly in an environment temperature between 18 and 38 ° C. Climate class T (tropical) are designed for ambient temperatures between 18 and 43 ° C. The cooling or freezing appliance having a temperature sensor…

  • The vital role of the seal helps the freezer sustain the right temperature
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    Freezer Maintenance Tasks That You Can Do Yourself

    They do a lot of hard work, running quietly in the background, and virtually unnoticed in our kitchens. We expect a lot from our trusty freezers and rely on them to keep food fresher longer. To get the best possible performance out of the appliance and have it working in optimum condition, there are a few simple tasks that can make a big difference to the efficiency of this essential piece of equipment. Some Quick Vacuuming The condenser coils are located under the unit or at the back and attract dust which builds up on the coils. This means that the condenser needs to work much harder to keep the…

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