One of the most common mistakes due to ignorance is thinking that our home insurance is limited to what happens to us inside the home

What does kitchen home insurance cover for me?

If each of us were to be asked right now about our home insurance coverage, I am convinced that practically no one would know how to answer this question. When we buy a house, taking out insurance is one of the first things we do, that is true. But many...

Where to invest your money? The key to investing well is to choose a business that guarantees that capital will not lose its initial value. 

Ideas for Investing Saved Money

If you have some savings available and you do not know where to invest it, in this note we give you some tips to choose the best option. Before putting your savings anywhere, it is good to keep in mind some recommendations of those who know more about how to invest...

Things you should know about home insurance

The advantages of home insurance

Ensuring the home is a good idea because if something happens the insurance covers those expenses that have been agreed initially, what little money each month by offering a tranquility that otherwise would not. Do not think the worst, but the insurance has been created to offer reassurance. Home insurance,...

Tips for choosing the best home insurance

Tips for choosing the best home insurance

Today it is very common to have a home insurance. As there is demand, there is more supply every day. The number of insurance companies that contact you can reach in a year to offer their services is quite considerable, so our advice is to not take out insurance on...

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