• A doormat for Halloween halloween accessories

    A doormat for Halloween

    Whenever lack least for the big day, Halloween is already there and you have to have everything ready, but these days we have seen a lot of ideas for decorating the house for the occasion, we were missing an important detail, the mat to receive visits and children who come for their candy with the tricks and treats. No doubt this is the ideal mat that is likely to find them in stores with some other models, but especially because I liked it so much fun and nothing gloomy, sometimes decorated with Halloween passed and prefer black the orange that conveys the joy that should correspond to the party. Maybe…

  • Halloween pumpkin house
    Design Trends and Styles

    Halloween pumpkin house

    Kids love having their own “dens”, these huts built in the traditional way using sheets or those little shops that sell laptops. What better idea for this Halloween pumpkin house from which no one will take the children. It is an orange colored fabric house (or rather we might say pumpkin-colored ), and its measurements are 70 cm. x 105 cm. x 105 cm. we see in the picture is not very large model, so that meeting can not serve as many children. I can think of some ways to create a “scary” in which they can put all the little friends to play or tell stories without being dark…

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