• Warm colors always come to mind for a kitchen, creating very pleasant stay

    Choosing the kitchen color in soft tones

    Choosing the color of the kitchen is not only applicable for furniture but also you have to take into account for appliances, walls, ceiling, floor and decorative accessories. They should all get a harmony that can adapt to your style, your budget and your personal taste. Here we give you some tips to choose the color of the kitchen with tight budget. Warm colors always come to mind for a kitchen, creating very pleasant stay. Orange, yellow, pink, or red can bring warmth, but choose only one item: tiles, a single wall, floor, furniture because occupying all can saturate the kitchen. Something more here: Decorating ideas: Tips to decorate the…

  • using shelves little deeper is recommended, and you get to provide everything you have in them
    Accessories,  Kitchen

    How to place the shelves in the kitchen

    Kitchen is one of the most important rooms of the home, right? It is in the place where you prepare and cook food, so keeping the kitchen neat and tidy can’t be ignored. Well, the shelves can help you to keep the appliances and accessories in proper order in the kitchen. Whether or not your kitchen is small, you should know that the shelves built into the wall will help you make the most of available space and easily the most frequently used kitchen ware appliances. To achieve this, it is important that your hands are near and within sight of who is going to prepare food. The walls just…

  • Small Kitchens seven secrets to a great decoration

    Small Kitchens: seven secrets for a great decoration

    The decorators are no obstacles working in small spaces. A room of small dimensions can be as elegant as a large and sumptuous dining room: you just have to keep in mind some basic rules, and apply certain tricks-to make the room appear wider and comfortable. Those who have little place to put the table and chairs, do not despair: here are the seven secrets for decorating small kitchens, saving space but no style. Seven secrets for decorating small kitchens 1. Colors clear and limited. Small spaces along better with a soft palette, bright and not too many colors. Shades of ivory, pale yellow and white are choices that never…

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