Feng Shui tips for decorating with mirrors

Feng Shui tips for decorating with mirrors

In the philosophy of Feng shui seeks to use the decorative elements and space to create a positive energy, so the decorating ideas using mirrors to represent the water element usually very common. The mirrors create a strong energy and therefore a hive of activity, which of course can have...

Modern Decorating rooms Photos

Decorating and design ideas for Modern Decorating rooms

On this occasion, we provide a number of options modern decorating for all tastes. The first design of these pictures of room design with earth-colored sofas give the feeling of being in a stable environment. The purple sweet potato gives a touch of modernity and dynamism, both generate an ideal...

Interior design of modern houses Modern style walls

Interior design of modern houses

Interior design referred to modern design that attract viewers and have a curious styles inside the room or office. Achieving interior decoration of modern homes is not as complicated as one might imagine, simply spend a little time and attention to the choice of furniture and decoration that you will...

Interior decoration place makeover!

Interior decoration: place makeover!

Interior makeover: kitchen revisited Over time, your home becomes outdated and some indication signs of aging. Two important pieces are the mirror: the kitchen and bathroom.   Some items placed in the centerpiece of the home have become obsolete and require recycling. Start with the floor covering. The trend is...

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