• The sofa with storage is also a good idea when we have little space
    Furniture Design,  Sofa Set

    Different types of sofas for the living room

    Do you plan to redecorate your living room , but you do not know what types of sofas are best suited to stay in the house? We give you some ideas in the next lines. The sofa is probably the most important piece of our living room . With it we mark the decorative style that we want for the stay, and therefore we must try to choose the right one for us, taking into account its aesthetics, texture and size. Fortunately, today we find sofas of the most varied , adaptable to all classrooms. What types of sofas to choose for the living room? To opt for one or…

  • It is necessary to celebrate that the decorative tendencies go beyond a living room or a dining room to sneak into the bathroom

    Trends in bathroom taps

    When we reform the bathroom we do not stop to think about the importance of certain elements, such as taps. Not only must we ensure that they fulfill their function well, but we should also look at their design, since it depends on whether a bathroom is more or less beautiful. To choose well there is nothing like being aware of the latest trends, which as you know not only affect the decoration in general, but also have an impact on more concrete aspects such as the one that encompasses all the taps. Ways for all tastes Gone are those times when all the taps were the same. The bathroom…

  • Lighting is extremely important and is responsible for enhancing the beauty of the decor
    Living Room

    How to Decorate a Living Room

    The result of the decoration of hall room should be welcoming, have good lighting and possess elegance. The use of colors should be measured. You can choose white as it is always neutral and elegant, while multiplying the ambient lighting. It is preferable to use light colors, in addition to light, have a positive effect on mood. If possible avoid cool colors that can be perceived as hostile or generate discomfort. First choose a decorative style to guide the search. It will strive to be consistent with the architecture of the house. If one of the limitations to decorate your room’s the lack of budget, you do not stop and…

  • Soft neutral walls and floors can act as the ideal canvas for a wide variety of accessories that can breathe some life into your living room
    Design Trends and Styles,  Living Room

    Calm And Soothing: A Guide To Creating A Neutral Living Room

    Neutral tones are often incorrectly written off as being boring and lacking personality. While it’s possible for a neutral living room to seem a little bland, when these colours are used well they can create a calm and soothing space for you and your family. Want a bold look? Go for rich neutrals Choosing neutral decor doesn’t have to mean your room has to look dull. By choosing rich neutral colours like slate grey and chocolate brown, you can give the room a striking appearance. And a neutral palette doesn’t have to stop at the walls. Give your living room some impact by choosing furniture – like cupboards or small…

  • How to decorate the house with carpets
    Appliances,  Design Trends and Styles

    How to decorate the house with carpets

    An important aspect of any home decoration, carpets are an essential part of the harmony and warmth of our room to dress. Today, with the decorative boom at its best, you have many options when choosing a rug with the classic square, round or oval an original or a very modern asymmetrical design. It all depends on your room, and it is assigned. Living Room: Living Room is an special place in the house, where they perform a variety of tasks (watching TV, relaxing or studying, among others), or welcome people as friends or family. To make a good first impression, a good idea to start with a nice carpet.…

  • Modern Design and modern room layouts for minimalist decor
    Home Design Idea,  Living Room

    Modern Design tips and ideas for living room

    A feeling of heat must enter the soul to enter this room and that is why you need to be careful about their interior design’s ideas. You should try to take some of their own ideas and try to match the ideas that already exist in the world of interior design. For lovers of interior design who always want to renovate the living room as it is one of their favorite spaces there are some trending ideas. Some more classic and more modern, daring color is always good and the results are always charming. The colors come to life environments and environments define your taste and define yourselves’ creative ideas.…

  • Furniture Design,  Sofa Set

    The Sofa: The Central Element in the living

    To meet the ever increasing demands for comfort, style, innovation, functionality and ergonomics, the designers are always trying new and original furniture offer. The variety of shapes and designs to your living room on the cover of the magazine for the interior design set. The sofa is gradually losing its classic form, it no longer corresponds to the outdated standards for sizes and strives to meet the demands of being both comfortable and the best exterior design not to damage. Comfort at home and at work The sofa – seating position, a symbol of hospitality and a way to express themselves in a different form, fabric and color. The sofa…

  • Hallway,  Interior Decorating,  Living Room

    The first impression in a house: Luxurious Designs

    Whether the design looks selection for home or develop for new one, the two great important parts of the building are the entrance and living room. Both should be planned carefully. You ever rode in a car outside, wondering where the door is? The entrance to a house deserves special consideration. It should be lifted with a very attractive feature: a light color, a different material, a wrought iron grille, or other special future.   classical style A kind of door-bell or bells are often desirable. Or if you want to go all out, ringing a phone through the front door is a good thing. When people ring the bell,…

  • Exterior Decorating

    The veranda, a room that has its charm

    Become a real living room, the veranda is available in several styles. All tips on how to develop it. In principle, the porch is an extra room attached to the garden. To be protected from freezing winds of winter and enjoy the summer sun, it must define its location. The architects opted for the north direction in order to receive the best lighting and to admire the garden from inside. Located on the south side, the porch will bring the heat in winter and a temperate atmosphere during the summer. This orientation is preferred to build it. In addition to aesthetic and elegant, a south facing veranda offers many energy…

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