• modern lines of the furniture in this space modern rugs for rooms enhancing
    Carpet and rug

    Carpet for modern rooms

    The decor of living rooms in any home, it is a sensitive issue as it is one of the areas to which it is put more dedication to be one of the main rooms of the house, where you meet with family and receive your guests. In modern homes the decoration of interior usually is given by the structure design and modern lines of the furniture in this space modern rugs for rooms enhancing not only the environment but are designed to give a unique and elegant touch to space. The main carpet is what is at the center of the room and wearing enhancing central space the meeting invites…

  • wool carpets have to vacuuming once a week, while knots craft is best cleaned with a damp cloth
    Carpet and rug

    Keeping Carpets Neat and Clean: Accessories Decoration

    Few objects provide much warmth and comfort during the colder months of the year that the carpets, in addition to shelter, can decorate and transform completely. However, to meet the carpets all these functions need to be maintained as the first day. Although it may seem complicated, it is not difficult to keep the carpets clean. Just follow a few tips and consider this material to follow a set of specific care. It is also important to know how to remove under what staining. Materials To make your carpets last longer you have to pass it regularly with vacuum cleaner. Thus, wool carpets have to vacuuming once a week, while…

  • Accessories,  Furnishing

    Luxury and environmentally friendly carpets

    Looking for environmentally friendly carpets for your house ? Today ‘s environmentally friendly is strongly requested for the furnishing of private homes. In particular, environmentally friendly carpets ones that are made ​​with natural fabrics, no chemicals, and therefore does not harm the environment. Usually they are treated with vegetable oils and balsams , such as beeswax, to give results worthy of praise in respect of health and the environment.     The green carpet , popular home very old, are entirely natural, made ​​of skins, leather, wool or silk. But we see in the specific characteristics of these  natural carpets and how to recognize them . Natural wool or silk…

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