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How to renovate the bathroom and accessories

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms of the house and its design influences the overall mood and energy. There are plenty of ways to remodel the bathroom and give a new look, such as tiles give a clean and modern, while certain colors and style accents can make it more attractive.

How to renovate the bathroom and accessories

This post will help you renovate your bathroom with some practical ideas that are sure that you will be more useful and interesting notes:

Place a large mirror above the sink, this can help you better utilize space and create more light in the room.

Optimizes natural light with large windows and mirrors. At night, light some candles around the tub and sink.

Achromatic colors
To give a relaxing touch to the bathroom nothing better than choosing a pale color scheme because they transmit a lot of peace.

For a single bath, incorporates design elements such as arches above the shower and a mixture of mosaic patterns.

Female bathroom
A great way to renovate the bathroom and make it ideal for them is to add a hair dresser and makeup.

Bath for two
Environmental bath for two with the corresponding mirrors and sinks.

Swimming in nature
Add a natural touch to the bathroom on the floor with wood, accessories and plants.

Color in the bathroom
Place brightly colored tiles on the floor and tiles in vibrant walls with accessories to match.

Tile pattern
Use different colored tiles to create a pattern over the tub, but with the caveat that are simple and complementary colors to make it elegant and grotesque.

Warm and cool colors
Mixing warm and cool colors is an excellent resource to give your bathroom a touch more masculine and modern.

Pure white
Use sharp lines and an outline of white for a flawless look.

White and gray
The combination of white and gray with accents of natural wood creates a clean, modern, chic and peaceful.