Bedroom Design Trends and Styles

Vintage Style to Decorate the Bedroom

Decorate your bedroom with vintage styling is a great idea if you like the decor of the times of the grandparents, especially the years 30s and 40s. It is an elegant, yet disorganized, they use very nice colors with romantic touches and antique-style designs. Many people are attracted to this style because they remember the past. A bedroom decorated in vintage style will bring comfort and relaxation to your room.

Vintage Style to Decorate the Bedroom

To bring your bedroom into a touch decorated room, consider decoration mainly with the textures and fabrics. With fresh colors and fabrics such as bright, pastel colors, tone, cool white, pink, sky blue and mint green are the most popular. Adding or paisley floral themes. They can be used for seating and backrests tapestries, quilts, blankets, pillows. If you want a little nostalgia for your bedroom you can use the gold or bronze metallic accent color.

With regard to vintage furniture in the room, you use dark wood furniture, wooden furniture and are also painted the wrought iron beds. The furniture designed with curves are also characteristic of this style.


Vintage Style to Decorate the Bedroom


The furniture that used under the scheme are dark wood like walnut, mahogany or cherry. Carved furniture with curves.

Night stands tall and narrow, lamp bases with dark wood or porcelain lamps with floral or pastel-colored enamel.


For decorative accessories, accent, decorative pillows stacked typically use 2 or 3. The mats fit for the bedside or dresser are also used. As well, cars decorated with antique dolls, glass bottles of perfume dispenser, antique necklaces costume and makeup on a silver platter to the toilet. Finally, decorate the walls with mirrors and old photo frames that give you this touch and warm to the room.


As a final recommendation prints in bedding can be used as a color scheme for the room. Don’t try to combine the designs in prints, the space can look overwhelming.